Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wed, June 25th

Trenton Doyle Hancock, artist, Paris native

Talking with Trenton Doyle Hancock

Art Appreciation class,
Face-to-Face conversation
with artist, Trenton Doyle Hancock

Artwork by Trenton Doyle Hancock

Artwork by Trenton Doyle Hancock
Much appreciation to Trenton Doyle Hancock for spending time with the Upward Bound students enrolled in the Art Appreciation Summer I class at Paris Junior College.  Trenton generously offered his time Tuesday afternoon answering questions about art and specifically, his art.  Since he is from Paris, attended Paris Junior College and is a hometown hero, it was a real treat for the students to be able to talk to him and have him answer their questions. Thank you Trenton.

Assignments for Wednesday, June 25th:

Gateways to Art, Understanding the Visual Arts
History and Context, Part 3

Wednesday, June 25th, pages 375-414 
  • Renaissance, Kaylee
  • Baroque, Nicole
  • Rococo, Katelyn
  • Neoclassicism, Rachel
  • Romanticism, Aaron
  • Realism, Katey
  • Impressionism, Jessica

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