Thursday, June 12, 2014

Collage on Monday with Pati Dye

Man Ray, Collage, c. 1928
On Monday, June 16th at 10:20 am we welcome you to the photography studio of David and Ginger Cook.  Our studio, Paris Texas Photo is located at 10 First Street NE in downtown Paris, Texas.  Here is a link to Google Maps for the location:  The phone number if you get lost is 903.783.1132

Artist and adjunct professor from Texas A&M Commerce, Pati Dye, will be talking to us about collage. Please bring all the elements of your design that you have gathered to date.  After Pati's discussion on collage we will brainstorm about each one of your ideas and design elements for your final project.  We will not be actually working on and putting the piece together.  This is a brainstorming, composition and problem solving session.

Your reading assignment for Tuesday, June 17th is to read pages 164 to 227 in Gateways to Art.

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