Thursday, June 19, 2014

Assignment for June 23-27

Please read and be ready to talk about the art history era and images of that era assigned to you.  There will be no tests at the beginning of class next week.  Your daily grade will be based on how prepared you are for your portion of the art images and the period in art history that is your topic area assigned. You are not responsible for the images posted on Friday.

History and Context, Part 3 Assignments

Katey: Ancient History, Realism

Jessica: Classical Greece, Impressionism

Keondra:  Classical Roman, Post-Impressionism

Collene: Byzantine, Symbolism

Jacqualein: Gothic, Art Nouveau

Kaylee:  Renaissance, Cubism

Nicole: Baroque, Expressionism

Lakisha: Mannerism, Dada

Katelyn: Rococo, Surrealism

Rachel: Neoclassicism, Abstraction

Aaron: Romanticism, Abstract Expressionism

Extra Credit:

Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Postmodernism

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