Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Reading Responsibilities for Thurs, July 3rd

Thurs, July 3rd:  pages 508-589

Yves Klein, Anthropometries de l'epoque,
March 9, 1960, pure pigment and synthetic resin on paper,
mounted on canvas, Private Collection
Katey - Reclining Nudes
Jessica - Performance Art: The Body Becomes Artwork
Keondra - Human Bodies as Installations
Collene - The Body in Pieces
Jacqualein - The Blue Nude: Cutouts and the Essence of Form
Kaylee -  Gendered Roles
Nicole - The Image of Motherhood
Lakisha - The Artist and Her Identity
Kaityln - Feminist Critique
Rachel - Professional Artist and Painter of Women
Aaron -  Making a Self Portrait

Sandro Botticilli, The Birth of Venus,
c. 1482-6. Tempera on Canvas,
Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

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