Thursday, July 3, 2014

Final Exam, Tuesday, July 8th

Icarus, plate VIII from the illustrated book, "Jazz" Henri Matisse, 1947,  Pochoir, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Note:  No class on Monday, July 7th

10 minute presentations on your collage self portrait using Henri Matisse's Icarus as an inspirational starting point. Please be prepared to provide a coherent, concise and thought provoking analysis of your piece.

The Final Exam:

Art Piece: _______________________________________________
Artist:  _______________________________________________

1. Discussed Elements of Art Yes Limited No  25 points
Line, Shape, Form, Volume, Mass, Texture, Value, Space, Color, Time and Motion
Justification for choices? Yes Limited No

2. Discussed Principles of Art Yes Limited No  25 points 
Contrast, Unity, Variety, Balance, Scale, Proportion, Emphasis, Focal Point, Pattern, Rhythm
Justification for choices? Yes Limited No

3. Discussed the Media and Technique used Yes Limited No  25 points
Drawing: Pencils, Silverpoint, Charcoal, Chalk, Pastel, Crayon, Ink, Quill & Pen, Brush
Painting: Encaustic, Tempera, Fresco, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Ink, Spray Point
Printmaking: Relief, Woodblock, Intaglio, Engraving, Drypoint, Etching, Aquatint, Mezzotint,  Lithography, Screenprint, Monotypes & Monoprints
Visual Communication: Graphic Design, Illustration, Layout, Web Design
Photography: Cyanotype, Portraiture, Landscape, Still Life, Photojournalism, Photocollage/Montage
Film/Video & Digital Art: Moving Images, BW, Sound & Color, Animation & Special Effects, Film Genres, Experimental, Video, Interactive Media
Alternative Media & Processes: Performance, Conceptual, Installations, Mixed Media
Craft: Ceramics, Glass, Metal works, Fiber, Wood
Sculpture: Freestanding, Reliefs, Carving, Modeling, Casting, Earthworks, Construction, Light & Kinetic
Architecture: Context, Materials, Importance
Justification for choices? Yes Limited No

4. Performed a comprehensive modes of analysis Yes Limited No  25 points
Content analysis, Iconographic analysis, Biographical analysis, Feminist analysis, Contextual analysis

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